Be a Host

Do you work in an organization, school, library, museum, or a community venue, and want to find volunteers to help you run a TechKids Club at your workplace? Let’s set up a TechKids Club and help young people in your vicinity learn to code.

The Basics

SLASSCOM TechKids Programme provides free projects and resources for you to run a Club for children aged 6-16 in your venue. You can connect with volunteers in your local area through our site, or you can work with a volunteer that you already know from your community.

Most clubs run for three hours once in two weeks with around 25 young people, but this is entirely flexible. We provide resources and projects to allow you to run the club in the way that suits you and your venue.
There are some essentials that we ask of all venue hosts:

  • A TechKids club must always be free
  • Get parental permission for every child who will be attending the club

Get Started with TechKids Club

Step 1: Register your venue on our website. You will receive an email directly after registering explaining how to verify your club – you’ll need to do this before you get started!

Step 2: Once you are registered as a venue host, volunteers will be able to search for you through our search tool. Make sure to check your inbox regularly for responses and to continue searching locally for volunteers.

Step 3: When a volunteer contacts you, arrange a time to meet and discuss the details of your club.

Step 4: Use the free Club projects, which are step-by-step guides for the children to follow, to run the club sessions.

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