Be a Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer at a local community venue and use our projects to teach 9 – 13 year olds to code? Register and you will be part of building the next generation of Sri Lanka’s IT industry.

The Basics

  • No previous knowledge of coding needed
  • Gain great volunteering experience and transferable skills
  • Help children use TechKids projects to make games, animations, and websites
  • Around 25 children aged 6 – 15 in each club

Get Started as a TechKids Volunteer

Step 1: Find a venue, volunteers, and students for your club. If you are struggling to find a venue, you can look for venue hosts in your area with our search tool.
Step 2: Plan with your club’s venue host to decide the details of your club.
Step 3: Register your club on our website. You will receive an email directly after registering explaining how to verify your club – you’ll need to do this before you get started.!
Step 4: Use the Club projects, which are step-by-step guides for the children to follow, to run the club sessions. You don’t need to be a coding expert to run a club, but you’ll need to practice projects ahead of your TechKids Code Club, to make sure you can answer student questions.
Step 5: Check out the extra resources made available for verified clubs, including certificates to reward achievement and posters to help teach new coding concepts.



Download Techkids Volunteer Deck V3